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Yes, already almost the end of October and the real estate season is right around the corner. We are ready! Starting next Monday, new and fresh content will be uploaded.

I started this channel back in January 2015, and it’s been a learning curve. At first, I was doing videos about my business and some market insights, but then I realized people didn’t really care knowing about my sales pitch! 🙂

So, I decided to turn this channel around during summer 2015. So was born Mtl Vlog.

I structured Mtl Vlog around a few specific themes such as:

  • Montreal
  • Condos 101 – A real estate training series
  • Real Estate Investing 101 – Another real estate training series
  • Homeowners Tips & Tricks
  • Home buyers Tips & Tricks
  • And more…

I wanted to make this channel more informative and helpful for anyone on the market or just curious about real estate.

After more than a year and a half, I’ve accumulated almost 9,000 views on Youtube and more than 12,000 views on Facebook! It’s awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

MVTV Youtube Stats October 2016

MVTV Facebook Stats October 2016

Now that my videos are all wrapped up for this fall season, I will be able to focus on my spring content. I don’t want to tell you too much, but I’m presently working on a project for this channel that I’m REALLY excited about. If everything works out well, I should be able to have this new project air next March.

So, stay tuned. And in the meantime, please help me grow this channel. Every new subscriber on Youtube, every new like on my Facebook page and every new subscriber on this website is ever so encouraging.

So please, subscribe, like, comment and share!

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Normand Charpentier is a Realtor© by career, videographer by passion, and an entrepreneur by nature. You can find more about his professional achievements on his LinkedIn profile and you can follow him on these social medias.

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